Auto Insurance Rate Changes in PA: Solutions for Stability and Savings

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Car Insurance, Car Insurance Tips & More


Many of our customers are noticing an increase in their auto insurance and are rightly asking, “Why did my car insurance rates go up?” According to the US. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ consumer price index, auto insurance rates increased 17.1% over the last year. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this.

Why DID My Insurance Rates Go Up? Analyzing the Factors

  • Inflation’s Impact on Auto Insurance: Inflation has broadly affected various sectors, and auto insurance is no exception. As the cost of vehicle repairs and parts rises, so does the expense of insurance claims. This, in turn, affects your insurance rates.
  • Supply Chain Challenges: The supply chain disruptions have led to longer wait times for car parts, subsequently increasing the duration and cost of car rentals during repairs. This is a key factor in the recent hike in insurance rates.
  • Other Contributing Factors: We’re also seeing higher jury awards in accidents, an uptick in the number of accidents, and various impacts from the pandemic’s aftermath.
  • Rising Costs of Totaled Vehicles: According to Edmunds, the average cost of used cars has surged by 44% in the last five years. This significant increase means that insurance companies are paying out more for totaled vehicles, sometimes exceeding the cost of new cars.

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Effective Solutions to Manage Your Auto Insurance Costs

  • Consultation with Your Agent: Engaging in a conversation with your agent is crucial. At Walbeck Insurance, we proactively reach out to our customers during policy renewals to discuss potential changes and explore new discounts.
  • Adjusting Your Policy: Simple changes like increasing your deductible can have a notable impact on your premiums.
  • Benefiting from Multiple Insurers: As an independent agency, Walbeck Insurance represents various insurance companies, allowing us to shop around and find the most cost-effective policy for you.


Auto insurance rates are indeed on the rise, but by understanding the ‘why’ behind this increase, you can take informed steps to manage your costs effectively. Our team at Walbeck Insurance is committed to treating every customer with the utmost care and consideration, ensuring you receive the best possible service.

For more detailed answers and personalized advice, feel free to reach out to us at Walbeck Insurance.

FAQs About Auto Insurance Rate Increases