Things to Consider Before Switching Your Insurance Policies

Are you thinking about switching your Car Insurance or your Indiana PA Home Insurance Policy?

You can save hundreds of dollars a year by switching your Indiana PA insurance policy. But, you want to think about the following things before you do so.

Compare the Insurance Policies
You see all the different ads telling you that you can save an average of $500 a year if you switch and in many cases you can. However, make sure you compare your current insurance policy to any new quote one you are considering. For example:

  • All coverages
  • Your vehicles are the same
  • Driving records

Any one item can make a difference so it’s important to ask lots of questions and be thorough.

Status Changed
Have your current insurance policy updated before you shop around if you have had any recent changes such as:

  • Purchased a new vehicle
  • You have moved
  • Received a ticket
  • Been involved in an accident

It is possible that any of those changes could result in some savings or in a price increase. If you have had a ticket in the past and it has come off of your driving record, it would be worth seeing if they can remove it now and save you some money.

Multi Policy Discounts

If you have your home insurance and car insurance policies with the same company and your thinking about moving just your auto insurance to a different company, check to see if you are currently receiving a multi policy discount. You could lose it if you separate them.

Work with an Independent Insurance Agent
Independent insurance agents have access to multiple insurance companies and they’re main concern is saving you money. They can compare rates between each company to find you the best rates and let you know the benefits of each company.

Having a business relationship with you insurance agent is important. Your agent is who will go to bat for you in the event of a claim or an accident. You don’t always get this kind of representation if your policy is directly with the insurance company handling your loss.

If you have concerns or questions about your auto, home or commercial insurance, call the insurance agents at Walbeck Insurance in Homer City Pa. They’re right on South Main Street convenient to their neighbors in Indiana Pa and Blairsville Pa. They have years of insurance experience and can help you insurance everything from your auto to your home or business insurance. Stop by today, we’re in your neighborhood!

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