Are you Planning to Sell Your Home Soon? Follow These Steps.

Want to get top dollar for your Indiana PA home?

All the planning and work that goes into selling your home can be a large task. Homeowners often put off repairs that don’t bother them, but they should be taken care of before putting your house on the market. They could raise red flags for potential buyers or home inspectors. To ensure you get top dollar for you home or to avoid any unexpected repairs, follow these steps.

Complete any unfinished projects:

You have have lived with half of a bathroom remodel completed but it is important if you are putting your home on the market that you complete the job. Besides the fact it will add tremendous appeal to your house, it could be a turn off to a potential buyer. Look around for anything else that you could easily fix that will help with the sale.

Fix any obvious repairs:

Do you have loose shutters or paint peeling on your front door? These quick fixes are very inexpensive and will give your home a finished appeal that buyers are looking for. Many new buyers don’t want to take on a project.

Declutter your home:

Go through each room and put away things that don’t need to be out. We all have things we like that make our homes feel homey but to potential buyers they see it as clutter. People like to walk through and visualize themselves in your home. Staging a home without the personalized touches is highly recommended.


Make sure your home always looks it’s best. Try to take a couple minutes a day to tidy things up for any unexpected people coming to see your house. Make sure any flat surfaces are dust free and carpets are swept.

Add some curb appeal:

It’s hard not to judge a home from the outside. Besides making sure any projects or repairs are taken care of, make sure your landscaping is nice and neat. Trim any overgrown bushes, keep the lawn cut and clean any debris from your flower gardens. If you have a front porch make sure it’s clean and neat. Make it as welcoming as possible.

Ask your realtor for advice:

Your realtor knows what helps sell a house. Ask them to take a walk through with and give you any suggestions that could help improve the appearance of your home.

Already sold your house and ready to move into a new home?

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